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Picky Eater Tips

Eww. Yuck!

Is this part of your dinnertime conversation? Get tips to help your picky eater get the nutrition needed for healthy child growth and development (and to help you worry less).

Check out these tips for picky eaters
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Let your child pick out fruits and veggies at the grocery store.

Have your picky eater help in the kitchen by stirring batter and adding spices.

Use cookie cutters to make cucumber stars or apple suns.

Dunk fruits and veggies in sauces or dips.

Minimize distractions and turn off the television during meals.

Shred carrots and zucchini in casseroles and spaghetti sauce.

Top cereal with fruit slices instead of sugar.

Make sure your child has a chance to see older siblings, cousins, or friends eating a variety of foods. Kids often will follow their lead.

Forget the Clean Plate Club and encourage your child to take a bite of everything on the plate. The more often they try it, the more likely they will be to eat it willingly.

Stay Calm

Make mealtimes enjoyable by creating a positive, calm environment. Adopt a neutral attitude and avoid excess praise and criticism.1

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