All PediaSure® drinks are:
  • kosher
  • gluten-free
  • suitable for lactose intolerance

**As compared to previous formulation. See Nutrition Facts panel. Total "sugars" reduced from 18 grams to 12 grams in Vanilla, Berry, Strawberry and Banana, and from 23 grams to 14 grams in Chocolate per 8 fl oz. Calories and total carbohydrates have not changed.

*Studied in children at risk of malnutrition.

†Per 8 fl oz serving, PediaSure with Fiber has 9g total fat and PediaSure SideKicks has 5g total fat.

‡Not for children with galactosemia. PediaSure Shake Mix Powder is suitable for lactose intolerance when mixed with lactose-free milk.